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Getting organized with your job search

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Getting Organized

Stay Focused

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you were unable to function? Most of us have experienced that. One major reason for overwhelm is the way our lives are, or are not, organized.

For example, did you know a constantly messy desk can drain your energy and keep your mind cluttered and unfocused? Many people underestimate the importance of getting organized and of living an organized life.

When you are looking for work, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the job sites, all the job ads, recreating your resume, trying to figure out how to handle an interview and more….

One simple solution to being in better control of your time, career, relationships, and other important aspects of your life is by becoming better organized. When you “get it together,” you’ll never want to go back to cluttered closets, messy time management or an unfocused mind.

This 10 day mini-course highlights various, practical ways you can go about getting organized in ways that will change your life.

Creating Order from Chaos

Being in a state of disorganization can feel overwhelming. Which came first, overwhelm or disorganization? It’s sometimes hard to tell.

Nonetheless, being disorganized contributes to chaos in and out of the home. I can certainly vouch for this!!

Streamlining not only clears the clutter from your home, it helps streamline other areas of life. People who feel tired and overwhelmed in life generally have low energy. The lack of energy makes it hard to do chores and tasks. Before long, you no longer even want to look at another job ad or fill out another application form.

Disorganization can lead to:


Health issues


Lost productivity

And more

Generally, being disorganized bleeds from one area of life into another. As one area becomes affected, it spreads into another until a sense of overwhelm, hopelessness, and helplessness sets in. Before long there are messes everywhere – literal and figurative.

Grab this 10 day mini course so you can start  to streamline your life and make it easier day-to-day.

It may require effort in the beginning, but the results are worth it. Once you have the resources in place to maximize your home and your mind, you can expect to feel things getting easier. You’ll discover more spare time and have less anxiety about chores and the expectations of your family.


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