What Industry Are You Interested In?

Job Searching? What do you know about the industry you are looking into?

What do I know already?

Have you ever had a part–time job, volunteered to help an organization or been a member of a club or society inside or outside of university? If so then you will have a useful starting point from which you can reflect on your experience(s) so far.  As you think of an organization/company/club/society you have been involved with in a paid or voluntary capacity, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What products or services does this organization provide?
  • Who are these products/services targeted at?
  • How does this range of products, or level of service, compare with that provided by other similar organisations?
  • How is this organization structured?
  • How does this organization see itself? What is its ethos/culture? (eg industry leader; work hard/ play hard approach; democratic style, family friendly policies.)
  • What are they key issues facing this organization and other organizations in this sector?
  • How is this organization affected by external factors (eg the state of the economy and the current political context?)
  • What have you discovered about the career opportunities offered by this organization?
  • Why would I like to work there?

Finding answers to questions like these helps you to develop your career awareness.  You can often find more information by checking out the organization's website.  Also consider asking questions of people working for any organization you are interested in working for.

Review various company websites to see what the similarities and differences are in the companies before you submit your resume.

To your job search success.

Fran Watson

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