Be Careful What You Post Online

What are you posting online? Can having a blog, a personal web site, or an account on a social networking site impact your job search, for better or for worse? Yes, it could. With the growing popularity of sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LavaLife and other dating sites, just about anything that is online can […]

Finding A Job in Today’s Economy

How to Find a Job in Today’s Tough Economy “So, what will the world look like when the crisis ends? Much different than before, I expect. Months of sheltering in place will fundamentally change our lifestyles and will continue to influence the way we live and do business, long after the coronavirus is history. Here […]

Communication Skills

How Well Do You Communicate? Successful communication is critical in business. Employability skills is an umbrella term for a set of highly desirable, transferable skills that turn you into a very attractive candidate or employee. They can be defined as a set of skills employers want from a potential employee. According to Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., […]