Covid Christmas

Covid Christmas 2020

What will your Covid Christmas look like this year?  Will you be able to get together with family?  Will you be doing an online get together?  Will you be sending cards and greetings via email and messenger, or perhaps Instagram or TikTok?

Got this in my email….. kind of says it all….LOL

Shut Down

Getting the news this week that our whole province is going to be shut down has certainly made me stop short.  I worry about all the small businesses that will no longer be able to operate, who may have to shut down because this year has taken such a heavy financial toll on them. My youngest son and my daughter-in-law have suffered through this pandemic with their business.

I worry about those who have contracted Covid and are in the hospitals or recovering at home.  I worry about my family members who are considered essential workers who will be still going out to work.  I worry about my family members who are living in what is considered a “red” zone, where there are an abundance of Covid cases. I worry about my mother who is 100 and living in a nursing home. I thank God that she is safe and that my family members are currently all healthy.  I continue to do my testing every two weeks in order to be able to visit my mom.

Family Get together

Our Covid Christmas plans will be quite different this year.  Normally our family gets together to celebrate.  This year we will be having 3 smaller Christmas celebrations, and one of my children was unable to make it home to Canada this year due to the pandemic and travel restrictions.

image of a family group
My family

We have added two new babies to our family since this picture (2018) and they will be unable to see their great Grandmother at Christmas due to Covid. We did have a chance to celebrate Mom's 100th birthday in August, and for that we are thankful. We were able to visit two by two – kind of like Noah's ark.

Mom's 99th birthday – 5 generations

This year has brought many changes in our work lives, our personal lives and in the world around us.  We have seen and done things we never imagined we would be doing, for example wearing masks everywhere we go.  There are those who do not seem to care about others who choose to not follow the guidelines, and I worry about them too as well as those they come in contact with.

I truly hope that you can still find peace and joy in your Christmas activities this year, however you celebrate.  And may you stay healthy and safe throughout the coming year!!!

Merry Christmas,  wishing you a season filled with warm moments and cherished memories.

P.S.  Still some time for Christmas baking – here is a gift from me. Memories3 – Christmas Baking new

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