Communication In Your Job Search

Communication Skills Are Important In Your Job Search

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Communication skills are important in a job search

How well did you use your communication skills at your last interview? 

  • Were you able to answer the questions well?
  • Did you understand what was being asked?
  • Did your body language communicate the message you wanted it to?

The inability to communicate effectively will hold you back not only in your career, but in your social and personal relationships as well.  Communication is an exchange information between individuals or groups of people.  It is a process where we try, as clearly and accurately as we can, to convey our thoughts, intentions and objectives. to others.   Good communication skills are key to success in life, work and relationships.

As Z. Hereford said  “In today's highly informational and technological environment it has become increasingly important to have good communication skills “

Conflict From Poor Communication

Without effective communication, a message can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster when it is misinterpreted or poorly delivered. Communication is successful only when both the sender and the receiver understand the same information.  It has been proven that concise, clearer and more efficient communication reduces misunderstandings. You will find that the more clear the communications in your workplace are, the fewer mistakes you will make and the fewer customers you will upset.

When you are clear, phrases like “I thought you meant” or “oh, now I understand” are rarely heard.

You have probably discovered that most conflict is the result of misunderstood communication. When you become an effective communicator, you can more readily resolve conflict and create harmony by bridging the communication gaps that created the conflict.   Also, when you practice good communication skills, your relationships with other people will improve.

In order to be successful, you require a full set of communication skills. These skills are: writing, speaking, listening, and non verbal skills.

Warren Buffett said it best — “If you can't communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you're giving up your potential.”  read additional info here

Do you feel you could use some help with your communication skills? Then you should check out a Toastmasters Club in your area.  Attending Toastmasters can help you become a better communicator.

To your job search success,
Fran Watson

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